Beat the Heat in Style!

Summer- love it or hate it- but you cannot deny it. While it can entail lots of days with glorious sunshine and balmy evenings. It also brings with it the harsh temperatures. Which in advertently leads to frizzy hair and sweaty days. While not a lot can be done to tame the mane, there are ways to stay cool in when you are feeling hot.

 When looking at active wear, try to look at products made with fabrics that have been ‘treated’ to dry quickly. Known as “Quick Dry” gym wear. The benefit is- even when you are sweated out- you will dry off quicker as compared to fabrics that have not been treated (for example quick dry series)

Similarly when selecting your outfit when you going to hang with the crew choose more fabrics with more natural compositions. Like cotton blended fabrics. The reason being while 100% natural fibers are great, aesthetically they have no appeal (have you seen the state of a linen shirt after wearing it for like an hour? Er no thanks!) A blended fabric helps the garment retain the shape and fit and yet not make you look like a rag doll. (example statement t/vest)

And of course- don’t forget to hydrate kids

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